Preparing a Printing Requisition

The following steps show how to fill out a Graphics Center printing order form. (see attached sample).

1. Current DATE requisition is being prepared.

2. DATE printing order is needed - DO NOT use "ASAP" or "RUSH".

3. Phone or extension number at location/site of requester. This is important if there is a question on the work order or for call/pickup.

4. Name of person(s) requesting order, first & last name(s).

5. Location/Site name (Human Resources, Artesia H.S., Cerritos Elementary, etc.)

6. Specify location only if different from previously stated and highlight location for different location delivery

7. Budget number - which include your location & program and Graphics’ 4 digit object number 5711 for general and 5751 for interfund.

8. Identify order by its title or form name. This helps when requesters are checking the status of a job.

9. Forms that are stored in the Graphics Center will have a number on the lower left hand side of form, e.g. 4501-HS, please indicate the form number if present.

10. Mark an X in the box if you would like your originals returned. If asking for a form number you will receive a copy as we keep the originals.

11. Mark an X in the box if you would like a form number given to the document submitted and would like Graphics to keep on file for future requests. Form numbers should only be requested for District & Site forms and not for stationery or seldom used /ordered publications.

12. Mark an X in the box if you would like your completed work mailed. Warehouse picks up the Graphics Center’s mail every morning at 8:30 to be delivered at your sites. Check your delivery time for your location.

13. Mark an X in the box if you would prefer to pick up your completed order. We will call you for pickup when your order is ready.

14. This box pertains to District offices only. Mark an X in the box if you would like your completed order delivered.

15. Please indicate total originals, single sided original is counted as one. Double sided originals are counted as two. This helps to determine paper usage multiplied by number of copies needed.

16. State number of copies needed.

17. Check EVERY box that applies to your order request. Please note that a color copy does not refer to color of paper.

18. State size of paper needed. Standard sizes are: 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17

Weight of paper are: Regular 20#, Vellum 60#, Index 90#

NCR is our non-carbon paper that comes in 2, 3, 4, or 5 part.

Please specify 2 part white/yellow or white/pink
3 part comes in white/yellow/pink
4 part comes in white/yellow/pink/goldenrod
5 part comes in white/yellow/pink/goldenrod/green

Other: Thin NCR for impressions to be made easier; blue with other color combinations; white on white etc. These are more costly because of the hand collating and the special paper ordered.

19. State colors and weight for text and covers. Ink colors are black, blue, red, green, and brown. Charge for colors other than black is $8.00. Please give ample time for color orders other than black.

20. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please give additional information other than specified e.g. staple as paper clipped; slip sheet every 50 copies; 50 sheets per pad, etc. Please note that if sheets are stapled they cannot be slip sheeted. Sheets that are folded cannot be slip sheeted.

21. Authorized signature (will be returned if not signed)

22. The Graphics form is 3-part NCR and is distributed as follows: White & yellow copies are submitted to Graphics with the job. The pink copy is retained by the customer for future referencing. After the job is completed the yellow copy with total cost for the job will be attached to the originals or copies. A monthly statement will be mailed out at the end of the month showing the total expenditure for each job submitted for that billing month.

23. All requisitions will include a tracking number, use this number when checking the status of your order(s).

24. Graphics use only.

25. Graphics use only.

Many department and site forms are on file with "Form Numbers" if you are ordering a form please indicate the form number and title on the Graphics Requisition.




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